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Web 3.0 & Immersive Trends 2023

I take a look at some AI and Web 3.0 technologies and how they can apply to immersive experiences.


I specialise in working with immersive entertainment companies that is augmented reality virtual reality mixed reality but things like interactive immersive theater and dining experiences anything that merges the digital world with the physical world love all that.

Now there are some exciting technologies that uh that we’re that are available to us right now and so I’ve doodled some ideas on the back of a metaphorical napkin and I just kind of wanted to talk about some of the trends that I see in the immersive Industries going forward in 2023 and I’m… I’m giving them to you go on have them NFTs I feel like they got off to a bad start NFTs aren’t just useless images of animals that people pay thousands for and that are now worth an extra nothing.

I really believe that NFTs can be used to build a community let me explain this could be used to distinguish a proof of attendance of your event or something unique that you give to these people and then you can use these for say like future events because people will want to own and kind of show off these unique NFTs that they have related to your event and this is why collectibles are so popular as NFTs me or you to be honest we think of Collectibles as like physical things.

You know baseball cards football stickers Pokemon cards we think of things in the Physical Realm but we need to think ahead we need to think of the future that we’re going into this world where people are gonna think more about their online presence and their online Avatar I mean look at social media accounts nowadays we never thought social media would kind of kick off and now people meticulously sculpt their social media identities kind of around how they want to be perceived people’s online identities want to be unique they want to be representative and they want to have fun with them first and foremost.

I could go on about this forever about how I think NFTs are going representative stuff but I’m going to leave it there but I really encourage you to think about the future of NFTs and how you can use those to build brand loyalty and give people a unique experience related to your event.

Now the metaverse is often a misunderstood term and people kind of throwing it around and not really understanding it so let me kind of break it down for you right now think of the metaverse and there can be many metaverses as a digital world where users can log in with their headset and interact and engage with a community of people and the universe itself these worlds can look and feel however you want and there are platforms already out there that have been built such as immersive decentraland the sandbox and you can import 3D assets into these metaverses to your exact specifications.

It could be a game it could be a puzzle whatever you want so think about what you might be able to achieve only in a world like this I mean things are coming to mind like anti-gravity or other worlds or fantasy worlds or things like that things that can only be achieved in a metaverse and have that player part of your experience and I.. I mean that a part of your experience it doesn’t need to be the whole thing it be a section where someone puts on a headset and they’re engaging with a metaverse for a short period of time that then plays a role in the.. in the overall Narrative of the story.

And with augmented reality it means you can kind of have a blend of the two which is really exciting and then that lends itself onto VR which is kind of like the metaverse itself but it’s like an isolated experience that you’ve created that’s not part of a community um in the broader sense it can be a community that you’ve created or an experience that you’ve created ChatGPT… ChatGPT ChatGPT openai have created a suite of tools that you can use to utilize Ai and more recently ChatGPT3 has kind of blown up on the Internet ChatGPT is a chat system which you can ask it a question you can ask it to tell you a story and it will respond just like a human words that are mostly factually accurate.

And so think about this because it can generate a bespoke passage of 10 text or something like that based on the information or questions that you ask it you can create a narrative around your experience that’s unique to your user and what’s more you can ask ChatGPT to contextualize or consider input into its response so you can have it say certain things in its response so in immersive Industries these responses can be used to drive a narrative that feels unique to the user and you’ll hear me talk about that a lot a unique experience for the user and it can make them feel like they’re actually having an impact on the storyline itself.

But you’ve done it in a clever way to kind of consider their inputs but drive that main narrative that you’re trying to get across I think I’m mostly excited about ChatGPT but I think it’s that in combination with some other things that I think really set it apart Synthesia is a realistic 3D generated Avatar that can speak and say whatever it is that you want and look like a real human you can customize the look and the sound and the language of this Avatar but where it really gets interesting is that you can actually provide an actor and a voice that it can use to generate this 3D Avatar and say whatever it is that you want it to say.

This can be a character within your story that you fed it questions or pieces of text that ChatGPT has generated and once again that can start to feel like a really bespoke experience for your Patron this isn’t real time yet but I don’t think it will be long before you’re actually having a real-time conversation with this 3D Avatar and with all this 3D generated content it’s not photorealistic yet so you can really lean into that Honey Valley feeling whereas something’s not quite right.

It could be a trip or an imposter or like an evil twin or something just something that’s close enough to what you expected to be but again just something not quite right about it and you can combine this with audio and visual manipulation using AI to again further increase that uneasy feeling.

AIR mid-journey is a image generator similar to ChatGPT that you feed a set of keywords and it will generate a unique piece of artwork based on those keywords and it can range from surreal and graphical styles to highly detailed photorealistic and then this artwork maybe that’s something that can be offered as an NFT or it can be used to print out later on in the experience or maybe a projection or a photograph that can only be there based on that user’s experience.

With all these ideas it might be something that you build up over the course of the journey and then feed into some of these tools so the result has a bit more depth to it and it’s something that really really feels unique experience and because some of this stuff needs to be pre-rendered and might take a few minutes it could be something you introduced later on in the experience but all the Wilders have helped build a truly unique immersive experience for the user which I just think is really exciting.

If these Sparks and ideas or you think it will spark someone else’s ideas then do forward this video onto your creative director or you can get in contact with me at high jatg.com I’d be happy to splurge some more kind of creative ideas or bounce a few ideas around to help create a truly immersive experience thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one