1-1 Help

Unlock the full potential of your online presence and streamline your business operations. Say goodbye to technical glitches, slow loading times, and business inefficiencies. Samuel is here to help you conquer your challenges and elevate your digital game.

Samuel offers 1-1 help for those that require help on a specific problem. He coaches on an hourly basis and is available for an unlimited amount of time.

1-1 Help is not intended on being used for a project basis so for that we refer you to contact Jupiter and the Giraffe.

Technical Support

With nearly 2 decades of experience building websites for some of the worlds most recognisable brands such as Netflix, Conde Nast, Corning he has acquired technical knowledge that range from accessibility and front-end coding practices to building web apps and SaaS applications to back-end systems and custom API’s for start-ups.

  • Website Audits (design, UX, SEO, code, structure, copy)
  • Resolve Specific Technical Issues
  • Create Website Architectural and Project Plan

If you need technical support contact Samuel now for 1 on 1 support.

Business Coaching

Samuel owns and runs boutique web design company Jupiter and the Giraffe as well as runs his own Youtube channel and SaaS company ai.toobsquid.com. He brings a wealth of experience along with his inter-personal skills to bring another perspective to business challenges.

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Process Optimisation & Automation
  • Marketing and Promotional Planning

Take the first step towards a better, stronger, and more successful business. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and let us help you unlock your business’s full potential.

Business Coaching is available as a 1 hour session. Contact for more information.


A 1 hour session costs £100. If you feel we need a sequence of sessions I’ll do a 30-minute free consultation with you to identify and plan out if it’s necessary and make a plan going forward.