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Here’s a list of tech and tools we use everyday and love. (Some will be affiliate links which, using them, supports what we do!)

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Acronyms added to Lingo book series!

After much anticipation and request, we’ve added a completely new section to the Lingo series which we hope you’ll find extremely useful!

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UI Animation Principles in Web Design

In this article, we are going to go over the core principles for introducing more interactions and animations into your websites in order to make them more engaging and above all, user friendly. We’ll cover. Something we’re getting asked more of and is becoming a staple in modern web design is animations. This doesn’t necessarily […]

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A Brief Intro to Agile (In Plain English)

Today, we will be talking about Agile project management, what it is, and why you should be running some sort of agile process in your web design and development projects whether you’re an agency or in a team. What is Agile? If you haven’t heard about Agile, it’s the way software and website projects have […]

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Running a Website Discovery on a budget

In this article, we’ll aim to describe why a discovery process is an essential part of any website project and how you might approach this when you or your client is time or financially poor.

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