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ToobSquid: The Ultimate AI Tool for Your YouTube Channel

I have some exciting news. I’ve been working hard over the last two weeks building my own AI tool. It’s called ToobSquid, and you can find it at https://ai.toobsquid.com. Basically, you put in a URL of a YouTube video, and it will generate for you a title, a description, key, and even time stamps. So it’s a powerful tool if you’re trying to come up with a title that has SEO in mind. If you do run a YouTube channel, check it out, but it doesn’t stop there.


We’ve got a creator emulator, so it can emulate the style and tone of a popular creator. You can add in your keywords. So if you want to make sure the generated title hits certain keywords or considers any key, you can put those in as well. And finally, you can change the tonal quality of the generated YouTube title by changing the adjectives it uses to basically juice the title.

So really excited about ToobSquid, I’m really excited about what prospects that can bring as the AI gets more and more powerful. So if you do own a YouTube channel, if you’re running a YouTube channel, head over to ai.toobsquid.com and start generating away.


Let’s dive into Tube Squid right now, and I’ll show you kinda what it’s all about.

So I’m logged in here, but you can have a little demo on the homepage.

You’re claiming that YouTube channel when you generate them. So please, if you’re not, if you don’t have a YouTube channel, then I don’t know why you would use it anyway, but please just be respectful for other people’s channels.

So I’m gonna head on over to the dashboard here. And you can see I’ve got a bunch of titles already. We don’t want to be waiting around for a while so Let’s try “Focus States” here. Paste in that URL. All it needs is a URL. And I’ve got some modifiers here which I could make it inquisitive and enticing, whatever adjectives you would like to hit the “generate” button, and it’s going do its magic.

So obviously depending on the length of the video, it can take a couple of seconds or whatever. This was an eight-minute video, so it’s just let do its thing…

There you go. “Focus States for Improved UX Accessibility in Webflow.” So you’ve got a title here that you can use, a bit of a description, some hashtags here, and some timestamps.

Regenerating Titles

What if I’m not happy with that one? Then it’s a simple case of just, well, let’s add enticing generate. “Why and How to Implement Focus Dates in Web Flows.”

So it’s cool. I think it’s really, really cool. I’m really happy with this tool, and I hope you guys find a lot of value in doing it as a case. So just copying and pasting it into YouTube video.