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Once again as part of the full stack agency transition and giving you all the resources you need to become the Swiss army knife of website design and development because that’s what we do on this channel I’m now proud to say I’ve released my second book.

If you didn’t already know previously released an a to z glossary of agile words where I present agile definitions in a simple to understand way while also giving you my personal take on it.

Well now installment number two of the lingo series focuses on startup terms which I think is equally a minefield of confusing terms. Lingo startup covers words across investing business project management development and design with things like four years with a one year cliff.

What is the difference between stocks and shares and what really is a stalking horse the books are free and they work as a set which I believe are essential when dealing with clients or teams and will help you become well informed and connect better as you grow a full stack agency.

Download lingo agile and now lingo startup for free over at thefullstackagency.xyz and do remember to leave a review as it really really does help get out of here you scallywags and let me know what you think of the book in the comments. Sam out you.