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EPILOGUE: Webflow & Code

It’s finally time to draw Webflow and Code to a close. Here’s why.


Hello and welcome to another episode of Webflow and Code, where I teach you the underlying code you’re writing in Webflow.

So if you’re a fan of the show then you might have noticed that I haven’t updated any videos in a while um..I think I’ve made the decision to..to stop making Webflow videos um I’m sorry for those that have really enjoyed my videos and and tell me they really benefit from from my teaching style and my content um…but I’ve been taking some time to think over some things and I, I think I’ve come to a few realizations uh so that I kind of wanted to explain in this video of why I kind of not moving forward with these sort of things.

First and foremost, I think I’ve lost a lot of energy um and passion in making these videos, I love to teach and..and what makes me the most happiest is, is I’m able to sit down with someone and pair program and watch them learn and watch them grow um.. obviously don’t get to do that when I’m, when I’m sitting behind a screen making YouTube videos and I know a lot of people enjoy what I do and benefit greatly from it.

I’m not excited about making them and if I’m not excited then I’m not going to do a good job of actually producing the videos. I’m going to be sloppy and the videos aren’t going to be as as good as I’d like them to be and that’s not fair on you and as that’s wasting your time um… your valuable time I want to find something, that I’m excited about which kind of leads me on to um another reason why I’m rethinking things for those that don’t know.

I have my own company uh.. Jupiter and the Giraffe and we we design and build websites for.. for some amazing clients uh in Jupiter and Giraffe, I don’t actually develop, I’m not a developer anymore. I have my team do that for me, I still love developing and you know from time to time I’ll do it but it’s not really what I do so having my face appear in Webflow videos isn’t I’ve realized, isn’t really conducive to my company and what we do, yes we build Webflow websites from time to time but our real offering is actually consulting with our clients and, and designing and building them a solution that’s tailored to their bespoke needs.

So with this channel I want to look, to do something that it ties more seamlessly with the types of clients we want to work with demonstrating competency in those areas and having it complement the work we do from for my company. And the third reason, I’m taking a step back is that, I can’t help but notice that my channel just isn’t growing um… as much as I’d expect and when comparing to other channels it’s in no way a vanity thing.

I, I really really don’t care about any of that stuff but I just think I’m too niche. I, I think Webflow really is it primarily appeals to designers who just want to get their website up and running and tie in a few interactions tie in a few animations and just have something work, I just.. I don’t think they’re interested in in understanding the core fundamentals of what this whole channel is based on, is understanding what is going on under the hood and and while I think uh that’s at Webflow’s detriment. And, and for the web as a whole to have to have these websites that just aren’t, aren’t performing and and behaving in the way that the Web uh.. was built on.

It’s just not what people like about Webflow, it’s just not the type of audience that the Webflow. There are other awesome content creators who are actually making that type of content and their, their channels are blowing up and it’s great to see, but that’s just not what, what my channel is all about.

I’m not a designer, I’m a developer and that’s where I can share my knowledge of development with you guys and this is obviously not like a hard and fast rule like, I don’t obviously there are people who, who like this channel and do want to learn the fundamentals but I think broadly you know looking into my analytics looking into the numbers making those comparisons, I just can’t help but draw those conclusions.

I still think my channel and and you guys are absolutely amazing and I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you because this channel has kind of exceeded my expectations and it’s because of you liking my videos, sharing my videos, commenting on my videos, messaging me telling me how much they’ve benefited you, has really picked me up.

On some of my darkest days and, and when things have got really tough and knowing that I’m helping people out there has really, has been a, a huge ego boost compliment um it’s made me feel very happy that I’m helping people and so it’s been, it’s been a wild old year and I’m so thankful that I can look back at it and know that in some small way I had an impact or that I, I changed or, or helped um some of you out there.

You know that, that really brings a smile to my face so just to wrap up I’m not sure if this is the end, uh I’m still, might get excited and make a, a Webflow video every now and again, I mean, I still have tons of ideas uh of videos I want to make um but until then I’m just sort of going to take some time out to really focus on my business and focus on my podcast which by the way if you haven’t checked out, it’s called “That Tech Show” um it’s a weekly podcast and we sort of talk about two, two amazing individuals who actually play a part in in making and building the technology uh, that we use every single day.

It’s really fantastic conversation, it’s hosted by myself and Chris, Chris Adams um so if you, if you, you know, if you’re interested in that, you love tech, then do, do search that on your uh your favourite podcasting platform but like I say I think I’m just gonna take some time to to focus on that um maybe get some more energy back about it but.. but just rethink what it is that I want to do and what, what content I want to produce.

So once again thank you so much for subscribing and until next time happy no coding [Music]