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The Full Stack Agency

By Samuel Gregory (2023)


Long are the days of building a website alone in Dreamweaver, and uploading to GeoCities. Asking parents and friends what they think is unfortunately no longer a valid form of valuable feedback but unfortunately many high-profile businesses still treat it this way, clients and agencies alike. I still see mediocre websites that have poorly written code and are vulnerable to online hacks and with terrible accessibility. Website development is still being seen as a necessary evil to cobble together when starting a business and so the website design and development process doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

This book aims to help us catch up with the times and offer world-class websites that can support our businesses otherwise the websites we’re currently building will not stand the test of time both in a technical point of view as well as a functional one and so much opportunity will be lost. This book will also cover some key tasks that often get left out of projects and something to bear in mind when understanding the true scope of a website.

©2023 Samuel Gregory