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Lingo: Startup – A simplified look at startup terms you actually need

By Samuel Gregory (2022)


Whether you work heavily with startups and want to catch up with the jargon, you’ve launched a startup or work as part of one; then this book serves as your little, life-saving pocket glossary of terms that you encounter on a day to day basis.

“Lingo: Startup” is an A-Z glossary of essential startup terminology as part of a Full Stack Agency. It doesn’t seek to go too in-depth to remain concise and municipal, but enough to understand at a glance. Samuel gives you a realistic insight into its definition, whether that’s having to “Pivot” after an economic crisis or the anxiety-ridden realisation of the “Valley of Death”.

The “Lingo” book series looks to simplify over-complicated definitions you find on the web and refine it to a language suitable to the Full Stack Agency.

©2022 Samuel Gregory